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With her bewitching voice and supreme detachment, BLONDINO has joined the ranks of today’s greatest female singers: Fiona Apple or Alison Goldfrapp. An acoustic guitar, a synthesizer, a languid piano… In short, an intentional sparseness: Blondino brilliantly succeeds in imposing her climate and creating images – freeze shots – of shimmering cities and shattered inner states with just a few sounds and strings, and a touch of electro as she explores and expresses our contemporary melancholies so magnificently.

TOMB(o)Y Night

Tomboy Lab is a nebulous label whose sensual perfume wafts around the hollow of the neck as it explores sensitive, hybrid identity in sounds that challenge the established structures of the musical world. Tomboy Lab opens up new landscapes and boldly draws its essence from the depths of souls – those of artists and their listeners. This first TOMB(o)Y Night presents the label’s top three artists together for the first time: Pain-Noir, Blondino and Louves.