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In The Canopy is a Parisian Art Rock band particularly gifted for generating raw sensations, from the darkest to the most luminous. On stage, they develop a surprising sound, both smooth and terribly rock, which can reminds you of Led Zeppelin’s progressive rock but also of Fleet Foxes’ complex vocal harmonies. In 2015, In The Canopy joined the Itinérances initiative and released their new “The Light Through” EP.

Soirée Région Ile-De-France

This year, the Ile-de-France region is taking you on a trip! A trip into psychedelic ethno pop with In The Canopy, into afrofuturism with a hint of Rumba with Pierre Kwenders, into afroelectro with Inna Modja and into Yemeni folk’n’beat with A-WA. The Ile-de-France region will make you spend the evening between Paris, Mali, Israel, Yemen and Canada. And all this without even a plane ticket. In The Canopy is part of the 2015 RIF Itinérances selection (confederation of departmental networks for contemporary/amplified music venues in Ile-de-France).