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Hypno5e is the vision of mastermind Emmanuel Jessua, built as the result of his two passions: music and cinema. The band is creating the original score for an imaginary movie, built on memories and souvenirs. After finding the right people sharing this vision, a genre defining band came to light. Today, they are reckoned pioneers of French cinematographic metal, fusing a unique blend of ambient spheres and progressive metal with South American Influences. 

Hypno5e is coming back with a new album in fall 2015.


The Link Productions is a booking agency based in France. For now 4 years, this company has worked with experimented and young upcoming artists. They offer a wide range of services, looking after shows, developing names on the territory while collaborating with local venues and festivals, drawing routing and tour productions. From India to USA and Russia, from the folk music of Throw Me Off The Bridge, to metal and electronic music, this booking agency without borders, whether aesthetic or geographic follows its path combining quality and eclecticism.