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Jackie Palmer (ex Louves) is a she-wolf, a vocally mesmerizing new-wave leader of the pack. She possesses the grace of chaos, voracious instincts, raw poetry and the refinement of an untamable animal.
The genre is primal cold wave : a combination of carnal bass melodies, minimal moon-dance drum machines and languid guitars joining forces with synthesized sound.
Louves sings as she speaks. The result is direct, an imminent dream, a declaration, a need, the visceral art of musical words impressed on skin…

TOMB(o)Y Night

Tomboy Lab is a nebulous label whose sensual perfume wafts around the hollow of the neck as it explores sensitive, hybrid identity in sounds that challenge the established structures of the musical world. Tomboy Lab opens up new landscapes and boldly draws its essence from the depths of souls – those of artists and their listeners. This first TOMB(o)Y Night presents the label’s top three artists together for the first time: Pain-Noir, Blondino and Louves.

Wednesday, October 14th
23:20 to 0:00