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After touring Europe for 3 years, La Gale is back with a second album, “Salem City Rockers”. A more personal work, unveiling the Lausanne MC’s true musical passions: a mean, witty, vindictive and more than ever necessary French rap; and a dark and dirty rock, drawing aggressiveness from country and blues, from the guts. “Salem City Rockers” is many things: a road-trip, a party, a sullen spirit and a call for a long-awaited revolution.

Artist supported by Swiss Music Export.

Soirée DeConcert!

DeConcert! Federation is a think tank association of 31 festivals, from 8 different countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Iceland and Hungary) who all defend values of sharing between members. Beyond their differences of size and budget, these festivals work together through a philosophy of fraternity and citizenship in their events and share a will to stand up for sustainable and artistic development in the sector and in their territory. Meet DeConcert! Federation on www.deconcert.org