FR / CH / US Reggae/Hip Hop/Dub



Soulbeats Records - Independant Label since 2005 - 10 years anniversary

Reggae, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop ... Soulbeats Records is an independant label from Bordeaux dedicated to the promotion of a free and independant Black Music. On October 15th we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary with Naâman who grew up with us since 3 years, LMK and Rootwords two new artists from the underground scene. Both of them exactley represent Soulbeats Records esthetic and our love for mixing styles ! 

LMK (Reggae/Hip Hop/Dub - France)

Avec force et subtilité LMK est la preuve vivante que les femmes ont encore leur mot à dire dans le milieu très fermé du Reggae. La voix sucrée, et le flow ravageur de la jeune chanteuse traversent aisément les univers qui lui tiennent à cœur. Du Reggae en passant par le Dub et le Hip Hop, des styles intimement liés, LMK s'impose aujourd'hui comme une des plus belles révélations du reggae français. Un nouvel album est prévu pour le 2 octobre, n'oubliez pas de tendre une oreille !

Rootwords (Hip Hop - Suisse/USA)

Born in USA and originary from Zambia, Rootwords grew up in Switzerland and became in 10 years an undeniable talent of the international Hip Hop scene. Since the age of 16 he has a special interest for Hip Hop underground scene and explosive beats. "Rapper citizen of the world" is a good way to define his esthetic music and lyrics which traduce well his love for multiculturalism diversity and world in general.

Artist supported by Swiss Music Export.

Naâman (Reggae/Hip Hop - France)

After more than 130 shows un France, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, China and Jamaica and more than 10 million cumulated views on Youtube Naâman became in just 2 years one of the favorite artists from the French Reggae scene.  Everywhere he plays venues are full and it's a real phenomenon which is happening around him recycling Jamaican hits from the 80' with some Hip Hop sonorities and a unique flow. His second album much expected will release on October 30th.

Thursday, October 15th
22:00 to 23:00