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Now settled in Paris and after her first debut album (The Easy Way Out, 2012) Mariama goes back on a more intimate set in the singer-songwriters tradition who turns upside down soul with a little and triggers off more emotions then an orchestra playing with its whole being. Her guitar and her hands to make the strings vibrate, her lyrics and her voice to make them live: she draws on her own Moments Like These groove’s.

THE AFRO SOUL NIGHT (In partenership with Zone Franche)

The Zone Franche network was born when the meeting between oral tradition music and sounds of globalization was installing new languages and soundscapes. Today, there are about 200 structures that unite around professional and ethical issues such as the promotion of cultural diversity and support for artistic creation. The association Zone Franche has a politic and prospective vision of the sector, which is in the contemporary context of «globalization» and a new cultural ecology.