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Parisian producer, beat maker and DJ, MiM made his first appearance on the French musical scene in 2007 when he joined the drum&bass soundsystem UNC.Audio. Inspired, eclectic and a jack-of-all-trades, he won’t cease to explore the urban music landscape from Hip Hop to Dubstep, Grime and Trap. In 2011, he gained popularity over the soundtrack of the famous Tv show ‘Bref.’ broadcasted on Canal + and then follows his collaboration with Disiz, Tito Prince, Set&Match or even Anna Kova.


Initiated in 2013 by SACEM, its main supporting partner, and organized by MEG (Montréal Electronic Groove), Cosmopolis in Lisbon and MaMA in Paris, THE FRENCH BEAT‘s general purpose is to promote the effervescent French electronic music scene and allow the international audience to discover new developing talents. It is also about facilitating and boosting the exchanges between France, Europe and North America. By suggesting for this first edition specific actions in Montreal, Paris and Lisbon, THE FRENCH BEAT wishes to settle sustainable international collaborations and support diffusion and circulation of French artists.

Thursday, October 15th
23:30 to 0:15