Congolese-born Pierre Kwenders is a singer and dj from Montreal whose music explores a singular track of progressive afrobeat coloured with Congolese rumba and electro. Pierre Kwenders’s first approach to music was through singing in a church choir, before he eventually decided to become a professional singer in 2011. It took him two EPs to perfect and own this music he describes as afrofuturism.

Soirée Région Ile-De-France

This year, the Ile-de-France region is taking you on a trip! A trip into psychedelic ethno pop with In The Canopy, into afrofuturism with a hint of Rumba with Pierre Kwenders, into afroelectro with Inna Modja and into Yemeni folk’n’beat with A-WA. The Ile-de-France region will make you spend the evening between Paris, Mali, Israel, Yemen and Canada. And all this without even a plane ticket. In The Canopy is part of the 2015 RIF Itinérances selection (confederation of departmental networks for contemporary/amplified music venues in Ile-de-France).