This year, MaMA comes with a "bonus": M@MA Invent! Dedicated to developing innovation in the music industry.

A new “incentive” to visit MaMA, M@MA Invent will be held at the trianon, entirely refurbished and totally dedicated to innovation. (The usual MaMA conferences will take place at théâtre de l’Atelier, a stone’s throw from the Trianon.) 


Each day will be dedicated to a theme :

> Wednesday 14/10: Solutions & services for artists

> Thursday 15/10: Solutions & services for live Music

> Friday 16/10: Solution & services for promotion & Business


2015 Program:

Innovation area – Concert venue - Le Trianon

Each day, about 20 Initiative Corners will welcome functional "solutions and/or services" coming from start-ups or more traditional structures likely to present innovations. The Innovation area will also be the meeting point for the daily cocktail hour reserved for professionals, between 5 pm and 6:30 pm.


Wednesday october 14th: Initiative corners, solutions & services for artists 


Thursday october 15th: Initiative corners, solutions & services for live music 


Friday october16th:  Initiative corners, solutions & services for business & promotion


Workshop room – Level 3 Le Trianon

In parallel, the structures represented at the Initiative Corners will schedule workshops in a dedicated space (Workshop room – Trianon niveau 3) to present their services in detail to their prospective clients and to the media.


Wednesday october 14th: Workshops, solutions & services for artists 

- Synch and radio

- The participative cultural sponsorship

- Fair and french artists 2015


Friday october 16th: Workshops, solutions & services for business & promotion

- How to boost live interaction at your event

- Introduction to Findspire

- Solutions that enable optimisation of event venues' capacities


Forum - Scene - Le Trianon

Completing this set-up, a permanent activity space, the Forum, will welcome focus groups, pitch sessions – organized in collaboration with Cap Digital – and a few keynotes. (the Forum will be located on the Trianon stage)

Keynotes :

- Julien Cazenave - Believe digital : Best practices DIY

- Paul-Rene Albertini : How to accelerate startups?


Focus :

Wednesday october 14th: Focus, solutions &  services for artists

- Crowdfunding: the keys to the Eldorado

- Online presence: the DIY market

- Virtual reality music


Thursday october 15th: Focus, solutions &  services for live music

- Ticketing in the era of big data

- Festivals & cashless technology

- Videolive: The future of life performance?


Friday october16th: Focus, solutions &  services for promotion & business

- Apiculture, open innovation or real driver of business?

-...more to be announced!



Wednesday october 14th: Pitch-sessions, solutions & services for artists


Thursday october 15th: Pitch-sessions, solutions & services for live music


Friday october 16th: Pitch-sessions, solutions & services for promotion & business


The pitch sessions call for application is now closed, the selected star-ups will be announced next week.

Click here for registration. For information about presentation possibilities and demonstration areas booking, please contact